Unmatched Support for Immune Disorders

Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy

Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins (Igs), are proteins produced by plasma cells and lymphocytes in human blood that are used to fight off infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Immuneglobulin deficiency is caused by the person’s inability to produce antibodies as a result of illness or other factors. Some Immuneglobulin deficiencies can be addressed through replacement therapies including intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) and subcutaneous (SCIg) therapies.

IVIg and SCIg therapies provide important Ig replacement for antibody disorders, and help to provide protection from infection for immunosuppressed patients and those individuals with XLA (X-linked agammaglobulinemia), CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), Hyper-IgM Syndromes, Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome or other forms of hypo-gammaglobulinemia.

Treatment with IVIg may improve function and lengthen the time before a relapse in people who have relapsing-remitting MS.

Depending upon physician orders, infusions of IVIg and SCIg therapies can be administered in an outpatient clinic, or in the patient’s home.

At Cornerstone Pharmacy, our goal is to ensure that our patients receive access to the critical care they need in the most expeditious manner. Our specialty pharmacists work with your physicians to tailor a regimen best suited to supporting your IVIg or SCIg therapy.

How IVIg Therapy Works:
  • Determine Patient Eligibility

    We obtain quick prior authorizations, determine coverage criteria, and offer co-pay reduction assistance to expedite the therapy process.

  • Implement a Therapy Plan

    Through comprehensive patient assessments, we develop a targeted therapy plan to meet any unique needs.

  • Provide Ongoing Care

    By closely monitoring patient progress and carefully managing the side effects of therapy, we ensure the best possible outcomes for treatment.

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